The Studio of Song and Art

You are welcome to Sangatelieret, the studio of Song and Art. During summer several courses in The Song of Light are offered. I live in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark, in a calm landscape, two oceans surrounds this part of the country; thus the light is especially intense and bright.
You are invited join a course, or to come by to see the exhibition of paintings. If you are a group I may come to you to guide a workshop. Please contact me for details and ideas. Press Contact.
Whether we call ourselves atheists, star-, angel-, or christhumans; all of us carry with us the possibility for being present in the divine love. A creature of godgiven greatnes and beauty, carrying with us the sacred key; the ability to unite heaven with earth. We now live in the “flowing” consciousness.

Ascension and surrection
Through the Song of Light tones are sung to the planet and the planets water. These tones are coded with the new Christ energy, lifting the frequence in every one of us. The Song of Light enables in a simplified way the Resurrection. The lift making it possible for us on the blue planet to receice the energy of Christ and continue to live in it. This work with the song as the focus for the spirit, intensify our spiritual evolution, not only for yourself, but also for the planet and our collective consciousness. 

We are through the first ascension. The light is generous, floating and benign. It is easily to access for everyone in this new age. What was kept as secrets – according to different reasons, whether secular or spiritual,  what demanded the keys of the Mystic and Occult now is accessable.  

With our words and tones, in new and simplified ways, we can fully co-create. A whole is experienced in our ”I AM” awareness, we recognize directly through the higher consciousness.  The energy flows through us, it is no longer concerning a believe through an act of will in a distant Christ, but it is experiencing the Christ presence - each one of us. We will now be living on the planet in numerous frequences simultaneously – and gradually we will open our eyes to see; we live here – with our masters and angels.     
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