"I am a channel for the light of Christconsciousness. My work of the light is to offer a way for the releasing of human voices, the awareness of the powers in the sound, and through powers of soundmaking open and make a doorway for the light. 

And to manifest this light as much as I can. This is why I teach, this is why I work with the song of light, and this is ultimately also why I paint and write.


I have been ”fine tuned” to receive visions and tones from the spiritual world. Several ”degrees” of initiations and openings of my awareness have been given, aiding the memories of my existence on the planet in previous lifes. First the arch-angel Michael  flowed through my chakras, activating them with a radiant power. He enlightened me on certain levels and send messages through me. After this Sananda Christ descended and overflowed me with his light. Words will not suffice for this experience; you may call this true bliss. He too went through my chakras, opened my heart chakra in a diamond shape, and activated my spiritual eyes. The experience was to be one with Christ in the light of God, and receiver of an uplifting, healing and overwhelming love. The love was felt like an active light, initiating and transforming. Ascension and clarity. Since then, this experience has never left me; if I tune in for the ”channeling frequence”, the contact is there, immediately (to be compared with a radio).


Do I ever doubt my visions?     

Around year 2000, as I opened for my groups, I had the deep work of analysing the ego, getting established, when I would be in the true opening of spiritual light, and when not. It is an immense responsibility to channel the spirit and even words from the masters, and to carry this into a teaching. One step in development surely demands two in morale. 

Sananda has shown me from a ”heavenly perspective”, just how little our ego and thereby our doubt, beliefs, thoughtframes carry any significance, how little this matters in a cosmic and spiritual connection.   

Arch angel Michael showed me, how fear and even dogmabased beliefs are made of ego and the illusion of separation: The soul- the self- separated from God. Instead we can allow the unconditional devotion; to let go of our own personal awarenesses, the thoughframes and egos, and truly become chalices for light.



I clearly feel, almost physical, when I receive a yes from Sananda to the words coming through my awareness, and when I receive a no. I feel and hear him a certain position over my ear and neck. This also applies to which notes are to be sung and brought through me, and whereto and for what effect.


I may see angels and masters, and I am a channel for them. I feel the presence in a certain way, which I now recognize from repeated experiences. I see with my third eye, the crystal eye, and spiritually “implanted” antennas. In early meditations I have felt how my third eye and the top of my head have been opened, and how angelic helpers implanted some energy channels that I call antennas. Intuition and repeated experiences convince me of the authenticity of my visions. 

As a Priestess/ Guardian for the sacred Sound I have been here in my “work capacity” through the different times of the planet. I have seen who I was in early carnations. I have been here, as the energy was much heavier and made ancient keys of the occult and mysticism necessary; as in the times around Jesus (whom I call Jeshoua) 2000 years ago. I was allowed to see, whom I was in my original angelic bodies."

Vibeke Rolskov

Singer, guide & healer
Vibeke is educated as a classical singer, and has been an opera singer and concert singer for several years in German and Denmark. She teaches song at every level, conducts choirs, and guides her healing art of meditation “The song of Light”.
Author & painter
Vibeke is an artist for the Light; painter and author. In 2011 the spiritual-erotic novel, the Door, 752 p. , about multidimensional living and loving, was published. The title refers to the word “Duirr”, from the celtic tradition, the oak, the door between worlds. To be purchased in the web-shop (danish). An english version is on the way. In 2015 the Book of the Song of Light, 156 p, was published. It tells of the spiritual power of voice and song, as a tool for the christ energy, and contains songs and hymns. To be purchased in the webshop (danish). An english translation is in progress. Press Gallery to be inspired.
Paintings and glass art of Vibeke is sold in the web-shop. 
Vibeke Rolskov
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